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Single Color Slant / Hair Color Brush


This innovative color brush offers you a new and exclusive way of achieving the perfect color and result on all your hair coloring processes. Its one-of-a kind bristles and head shape provide full coverage on all hair types, and with all colors and lighteners. This unique tint color brush will change the way you color.

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• Saves application time while still providing gentle application
• Provides more control with a 100% coverage, from root to end
• Color glides onto hair with less mess than traditional tint brushes


How to Use

1. Saturate bristles with color or lightener
2. For roots: Match the angle of the brush head to your
client’s head and swipe away from the root.
3. Go for it, let your creativity flow!

Cleaning is fast and easy! Clean with lukewarm water and soap.

Gently massage the bristles on the palm of your hand. Rinse the bristles.

Squeeze out excess moisture with towel. Dab dry on a towel, at an angle
to keep its shape (For faster drying time use a blow dryer on warm air setting).


• The round thick shape fills great in your hand allowing for better control when applying color.
•The tip extension aides in clean sectioning and weaving hair.


• Holds color well, allowing good saturation which helps prevent dripping and saves color.
• Delicate bristles prevent scalp irritation with color application.


• Smoother/ softer blend for lightening techniques without leaving harsh lines.
• Full saturation with grey coverage.

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